Meet Our Team

  • Roncie Hardin President & Secretary

    Roncie Hardin serves the company as President. He has more than 35 years of experience in the transportation of raw wood products. Roncie was raised in Calhoun County and has a passion to create opportunities for the those living in our community through job creation in the forest product industry. He has served as President of Hardin Trucking since early 2014 but Roncie has served as Secretary and Chief Operations Officers for more than 30 years.

  • Harvey Hardin Vice President

    Harvey Hardin has served as Vice President for Hardin Trucking since the incorporation of the company in 1983. He has overseen financial operations and managed all safety related practices for more than 30 years. Harvey is the “go-to” man around the office with decisions regarding dispatch, financial planning, and he has served as Chief Financial Officer for many years. In his position, he oversees financial planning, budgets, and forecasts for the company.

  • Karan Hardin-Nestor Chief Financial Oficer

    Karan Hardin-Nestor has served as Controller/CFO for Hardin Trucking since 2010. She earned her Bachelor of Accounting degree from the University of Mississippi. Karan’s work experience includes both external and internal audit compliance that focused primarily on financial institutions and large public corporations. Karan has extensive Sarbanes-Oxley knowledge as well as general accounting proficiency. Her financial accounting capability led her back home to work with her family at Hardin Trucking to assist in company expansion and implementation of many internal control processes and procedures. Karan is passionate about providing jobs in North Mississippi and the role that Hardin Trucking plays in the community as a leader in the forestry transportation industry.

  • Danny Hardin Director

    Danny Hardin has served as a Director for the company since its incorporation. Additionally, Danny oversees shop operations and manages shop inventory. He has been instrumental in the growth of the company and has served in several board positions since the incorporation in 1983.

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